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Our Work

Fields of Research & Lab Projects

Speech and Neuromodulation Lab's research employs behavioural and neuroscientific approaches to study speech-language impediments in both children and adults, with a focus on pinpointing the patterns and underlying mechanisms of neurogenic communication disorders. Aspiring to bolster the effects of behavioural remedies, reduce relapses, and enhance treatment satisfaction, the lab endeavours to explore the use of different neuromodulation techniques as add-ons to available speech therapies.

Currently, our lab is focusing on investigating the effectiveness of brain stimulation in addition to behavioral therapies for adults who stutter (AWS). If you are interested to learn more about this research, please contact the project coordinator, Ms. Tegan Yeung.


Our undergraduate dissertation students (2021-22),

Yolanda and Chloe, are performing repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation with DCC.

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