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Lab Director

Dr Mehdi Bakhtiar (3)_1650965032_1650978581.jpeg

      Dr. Mehdi Bakhtiar

Dr. Mehdi Bakhtiar is an Assistant Professor in the unit of Human Communication, Learning and Development at The University of Hong Kong. He received an MSc degree in Speech Therapy from Tehran University of Medical Sciences and worked as a clinician for a few years before pursuing his PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience of Language at The University of Hong Kong. His main research interests are related to the underlying nature of speech disorders in people with stuttering and other neurogenic communication disorders. Mehdi studies the neurocognitive, linguistic and sensory-motor aspects of stuttering and other motor speech disorders. He is also interested in the application of non-invasive brain stimulation methods (e.g., tDCS, TMS) as an add-on treatment for people with fluency and other neurogenic communication disorders. 

Research Expertise and Interests:

  • Stuttering and Fluency Disorders

  • Neurogenic Communication disorders 

  • Neuromodulation in Speech and language Disorders 

  • Development of Speech and Language assessment tests


Selected Research Outputs:

  • Bakhtiar, M., Yeung, T. W. Y. & Choi, A. The application of neuronavigated rTMS of the supplementary motor area and rhythmic speech training for stuttering intervention. Int. J. Lang. Commun. Disord. (2024) doi:10.1111/1460-6984.13039.

  • Bakhtiar, M. & Eggers, K. Exogenous verbal response inhibition in adults who do and do not stutter. J Fluency Disord, 75, 105957 (2023).

  • Bakhtiar, M., Wong, M. N., Lam, M. W. & McNeil, M. R. Reading and listening comprehension in Cantonese-speaking people with right hemisphere versus left hemisphere brain damage. Clin Linguist Phonet ahead-of-print, 1–16 (2023).

  • Shao, J., Bakhtiar, M. & Zhang, C. Impaired Categorical Perception of Speech Sounds Under the Backward Masking Condition in Adults Who Stutter. J Speech Lang Hear Res 65, 2554–2570 (2022).

  • Momenian, M., Lau, K.-Y. D. & Bakhtiar, M. Developing psycholinguistic norms for action pictures in Cantonese. Appl. Neuropsychol.: Adult 1–8 (2022) doi:10.1080/23279095.2022.2037596.

  • Bakhtiar, M., Shao, J., Cheung, M. N. & Zhang, C. Categorical perception of speech sounds in adults who stutter. Clin Linguist Phonet 35, 560–576 (2021).

Curriculum Vitae:

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Departmental Page:


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Lab members

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    Dr. Maria Teresa Carthery-Goulart

Dr. Carthery is a Lecturer in the Human Communication, Learning, and Development Unit at the Faculty of Education at The University of Hong Kong. She is an Honorary Associate Professor at the Center of Mathematics, Computing, and Cognition, Federal University of the ABC (UFABC), Sao Paulo, Brazil. She is also an Associate Researcher in the Group of Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology, Hospital das Clínicas, Faculty of Medicine, USP, and a Member of the Brazilian Association of Speech and Language Pathologists (SBFa). Dr. Carthery is a speech and language pathologist (SLP) who graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Sao Paulo (USP), with clinical training in Neurogenic Disorders and years of practice as an SLP in acquired speech and language disorders, particularly those caused by neurodegenerative diseases. She has an MSc in Psychology in Neuroscience and Behavior from the Institute of Psychology at USP and a PhD in Neurological Sciences from the Faculty of Medicine, USP. Dr. Carthery was a visiting researcher and completed a post-doctoral internship at the Medical Research Council- Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit (MRC-CBU), University of Cambridge (2006-2008).


Research Expertise and Interests:

  •  Acquired Communication disorders (Aphasia, Dyslexia, Agraphia)

  • Progressive speech and language disorders (Primary progressive Aphasia)

  • Cognitive Reserve, Cognitive Training, and Cognitive Stimulation

  • Cross-cultural adaptation of Cognitive and Language Assessments

  • Neuroscience of Language

  • Language and Cognitive Development

  • Educational Neuroscience


Selected Research Outputs:

  • Weekes, B., & Carthery-Goulart, M. T. (2023). Intervention and Prevention of Dementia in the Greater Bay Area (GBA) of China. American journal of Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, 38, 15333175231211097.

  • Carthery-Goulart, M. T., Privitera, A. J., & Weekes, B. S. (2023). Does Language Distance Modulate the Contribution of Bilingualism to Cognitive Reserve in Seniors? A Systematic Review. American journal of Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, 38, 15333175231167223.

  • Lameira, M., Bezerra, F., Toassi, P., Cravo, A., & Carthery-Goulart, M. T. (2023). Evidence of non-selective lexical access to second and third language in unbalanced multilinguals: an N400 study on the processing of interlingual homographs. Pandaemonium Germanicum, 26(49), 35-67.

  • Bezerra, F. R., Lameira, M. F. N., Toassi, P. F. P., & Carthery-Goulart, M. T. (2023). Development of a Task to Assess Semantic Coactivation in Portuguese-English-German Multilinguals. Cadernos De Linguística, 4(3), e695.

  • Machado, T. H., Carthery-Goulart, M. T., Campanha, A. C., & Caramelli, P. (2021). Cognitive Intervention Strategies Directed to Speech and Language Deficits in Primary Progressive Aphasia: Practice-Based Evidence from 18 Cases. Brain sciences, 11(10), 1268.




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      Mr. Chester Y. N. Cheung 


Chester is a PhD student in the Human Communication, Development and Information Sciences Unit at The University of Hong Kong Faculty of Education. He is also a registered speech therapist in Hong Kong who possesses a Master degree in speech language pathology and a Bachelor degree in psychology. As a speech therapist, Chester worked in local NGO, hospital, and elderly homes while he focused his clinical expertise in adult’s communication and swallowing disorders. As a researcher, Chester endeavours in the fields of aphasiology and neurotherapeutics. Currently, he is pioneering in the development of EEG-guided individualized Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation (tACS) therapy for patients with aphasia. 

Research Expertise and Interests:

  • Aphasia and PPA

  • Neuroimaging (EEG) and Neuromodulation (tACS, tDCS, TMS)

  • Discourse analysis



  • Primary supervisor: Dr. Anthony P. H. Kong

  • Co-supervisor: Dr. Mehdi Bakhtiar


Curriculum Vitae:

Available upon request

Undergraduate Dissertation Students 


Wong Sin Yi, Yolanda (2021/22)

Program Enrolled: BSc (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
Year of Study: Year



Woo Sin Tung Chloe (2021/22)

Program Enrolled: BSc (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
Year of Study: Year 5 



Mui Lok Ching Melody (2022/23)

Program Enrolled: BSc (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
Year of Study: Year 5 



Cheung Wang Mei Vera (2022/23)

Program Enrolled: BSc (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
Year of Study: Year 5 



Lui Yat Shuen, Claris (2022/23)

Program Enrolled: BSc (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
Year of Study: Year 5 


WhatsApp Image 2022-11-20 at 7.37.05 PM.jpeg

Chan Aidan (Fall 2022)

Program Enrolled: BSocSc Psychology & Neuroscience
Year of Study: Year 3 


WhatsApp Image 2022-12-12 at 2.19.24 PM.jpeg

Lo Chi Yuen, Liam (Fall 2022)

Program Enrolled: BSc (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
Year of Study: Year 2  


WhatsApp Image 2022-11-20 at 10.27.38 PM.jpeg

Yung Wing Yu, Ella (Fall 2022)

Program Enrolled: BSc (Speech-Language Pathology)
Year of Study: Year 1  


WhatsApp Image 2023-02-11 at 5.21.02 PM.jpeg

Chan Aidan (Spring 2023)

Program Enrolled: BSocSc Psychology & Neuroscience
Year of Study: Year 3 

oncentration: Applied Neuroscience in Speech and Language Disorders  
Mentor: Ms. Tegan Yeung   


Lo Chi Yuen, Liam (Spring 2023)

Program Enrolled: BSc (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
Year of Study: Year 2  

​Concentration: Assessment and Evaluation in Speech-Language Pathology 
Mentor: Ms. Tegan Yeung

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-28 at 9.14.43 PM.jpeg

Lee Hoi In, Lesley (Spring 2023)

Program Enrolled: BSc (Speech and Hearing Sciences)
Year of Study: Year 4  

Concentration: Qualitative Research in Communication Sciences and Disorders
Mentor: Ms. Tegan Yeung        


Ms. Tegan Yeung 

​Lab Projects Involved:

  • The Effects of Brain Stimulation on the Enhancement of Speech Fluency in Adults Who Stutter

  • AI Pathologist for Stuttering (c/ Nanyang Technological University)

  • EEG-tES-Based Treatment in Post-stroke Aphasia (c/ HKU Complex Neural Signals Decoding Lab)

  • Executive Function in Stutterers (c/ Indiana University Bloomington, Thomas More University Belgium)

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