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Research Highlights

Our lab director, Dr. Bakhtiar, just published a new article in the Journal of Fluency Disorders! This research using stop signal task shows that higher severity of stuttering is associated with reduced verbal response inhibition in adults who stutter. Full text of this article is now available at,29sS77 for download. 

Bakhtiar, M., & Eggers, K. (2022). Exogenous Verbal Response Inhibition in Adults Who Do and Do Not Stutter. Journal of Fluency Disorders, 105957.


In the Media

Stuttering and rehabilitation therapies for speech fluency problems (3).png

Our lab director, Dr. Mehdi Bakhtiar, has been invited to RTHK’s radio broadcast, “Brunch with Noreen”. Dr. Bakhtiar will speak on stuttering, its effect on academic performance, and what can be done to help students with stuttering.


Live interview will start at 11:00 am to 12:00 pm on July 13, 2023. Please join us through RTHK Radio 3 ( or Noreen’s Facebook page (​


Catchup will also be available after the show on RTHK PODCAST ONE (audio: (video:​​

香港大學言語和腦神經調節實驗室白明治博士受邀於香港電台節目《Brunch with Noreen》中談論口吃、其對學習成績的影響以及如何幫助患有口吃的學生。


現場採訪將於2023年7月13日上午11:00開始。請通過香港電台第三台(或Noreen Mir的Facebook主頁收聽及觀看廣播(。​


節目結束後亦可在香港電台 PODCAST ONE (audio: (video:上重温節目。​​

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